From Fast Food to Fit: US Man's 100-Day Burger and Fries Diet Leads to Remarkable Weight Loss

Wrestler Kevin Maginnis included only McDonald's food in his diet, from breakfast to dinner, to reduce weight.

From Fast Food to Fit: US Man's 100-Day Burger and Fries Diet Leads to Remarkable Weight Loss

Obesity is a big problem all over the world these days. People try all possible to reduce their weight. Some people resort to healthy eating and exercise, while others lose weight in non-traditional ways. But have you heard of anyone eating pizza and burgers during their weight loss journey? Although it may sound unusual, a man recently lost weight by eating only burgers and fries from McDonald's.
 Kevin Maginnis

Former wrestler Kevin Maginnis only included McDonald's food in his daily diet from breakfast to dinner to lose weight. He named this weight loss mantra, “French fries for fit guys”. Starting at 108kg, Kevin, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, based his weight loss journey on the things people consider the most unhealthy.

Maginnis, who is 56, shared in a TikTok video on February 21 that she has decided to lose her weight, which has reached 108 kg. For this he chose to eat only McDonald's food for the next 100 days. He also saw many healthy options to eat there but didn't go for any of them. According to Kevin, quantity of food is more important than quality of food. Kevin, a former wrestler and military man, reduced his calorie intake to lose weight.

Kevin started his journey with McMuffins and hash browns but slowly transitioned to burgers and fries. He did not eat all but only half. He was drinking water instead of soda. On the 10th day of his journey, he had lost almost 6 kg, confirming that his diet plan can reduce weight.

The news went viral in no time and people shared their thoughts about it on different social media platforms. Seeing this news, clinical nutritionist Dr. Paul Ling Tai strongly advises trying this weight loss method. "A recipe for disaster!" he wrote in a Facebook post.

By sharing this, Dr. Paul Ling Tai also said that people these days are missing out on important nutrients that the body needs for optimal health. This can lead to increased food cravings and health problems. He further said that serious problems like fatty liver can arise. He also advised people to try traditional and natural methods of effective weight loss.