Onam 2021: Wondering What’s on the Table for Onam Sadhya? We’ve Got You Covered


It’s that time of year again when people from Kerala all over the world, dressed in kasavu (handwoven Kerala sarees) and mundu (veshti), work diligently to prepare the ideal feast on the day of Onam. Onam, like any other festival, would be incomplete without food. The harvest festival is marked by a colourful feast called ‘Sadhya,’ which is served on a banana leaf. Sadhya is a name coined for the feast that is cooked on the tenth day of the yearly harvest festival Onam. The feast is well-known for its flavour combinations and variety of foods. Everything that you need to know about the menu, is right here.This richly spicy and seasoned yoghurt curry has long been favourite for many. Mor Kuzhambu, also known as Pulissery, is a savoury side dish composed of buttermilk and eaten with rice and dry vegetables.


Thoran, one of the most significant components of a normal vegetarian Sadhya dinner, is a classic example of a dish that is incredibly simple to prepare. It is a stir-fried vegetable dish with cabbage, beans, raw jackfruit or carrot, and shredded coconut.


Kalan is a sour meal prepared with curd or buttermilk with vegetables such as yam and plantain. The addition of ground coconut balances the acidic flavour of the curd. This meal goes well with any stir-fried veggie dish, such as Thoran.


Olan is a classic and well-known dish of Kerala, often prepared for all festivals, particularly Onam Sandhya. Pumpkins, cowpeas and coconut milk are used to make it. This is a really excellent stew with the flavours of green chilli and curry leaves that is best accompanied with rice.


Erissery, also known as Mathanga Erissery, is a moderate and tempered curry with light sweet tones prepared from pumpkin, cowpeas and coconut. It is vegan and gluten-free. It comes with a rich gravy. In some regions of Kerala, this dish is also known as Elisseri.


Aviyal, sometimes known as Avial, is a famous and traditional mixed vegetable dish from Kerala cuisine, however, it is also served in areas of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. It’s a thick stew of veggies, curd, and coconut paste, with coconut oil and curry leave added for flavour.


Without a delectable dessert, Onam Sadhya is incomplete. Paal Payasam, also known as Unakkalari in Malayalam, is heavenly. The light pink colour from the slow-cooked red rice, milk, sugar and little garnish makes it the ideal finale to an incredible feast.

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