When Prabhu Chawla asked a question to Dev Anand, the answer was received in a poetic style

entertainment jaipur desk !!! Actress Suraiya was Dev Anand's first love. Dev Anand could not marry her but always loved her. Suraiya and their love story were also mentioned by Dev Anand in his autobiography, 'Romancing with Life'. When Dev Anand had reached Prabhu Chawla's show in the year 2002, Prabhu Chawla asked him a question about Suraiya, after which he started answering in a poetic style. In the Aaj Tak show, Sidhi Baat, Prabhu Chawla asked Dev Anand who was the best among the heroines he worked with? In response, Dev Anand had said, 'All the heroines were good. Every young girl is good. If that young girl suits your script then she is beautiful.

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