Akshay Kumar had said such a thing on Prabhu Chawla's questions

entertnment jaipur desk !!!In the year 2009, a film starring Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Lara Dutta came in 'Blue'. Akshay Kumar did very dangerous stunts in this film. Akshay Kumar was also injured during a stunt scene being shot under deep water. Before the release of this film, Akshay Kumar had reached Prabhu Chawla's show, 'Sidhi Baat' where he was questioned about the film. Prabhu Chawla had asked him, 'Akshay Kumar is becoming an expert in taking risks. You have just taken a bigger risk. I have heard that you are working with Lara Dutta in a blue film.' In response, Akshay Kumar said, 'Yes, there is a blue film.

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