Elephant baby had a lot of fun, see in the video how bananas became football


ajab ajab jaiopur desk !!!Elephants are very fun animals. Most of the time he is in the mood for fun but sometimes he gets angry. But they don't get angry unnecessarily. They get angry only when someone harass them or tries to attack their children. Elephants have a special attachment to sugarcane, bananas and water. Wherever they get these things, understand that they have had fun. We got to see a similar video on social media. In which a baby elephant was seen having fun. He started kicking bananas like a football.

You can see for yourself what happened next in this video. This video has been shared on a YouTube channel. Which the users are very fond of. In this video you can see an elephant and its baby are present at some place. The elephant is eating the grass lying there and there are many bananas lying nearby. The elephant was eating grass with pleasure, when its child sensed fun and started throwing bunches of bananas with its trunk.

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