Mustard Oil for Hair Growth, 8 Ayurvedic Benefits

Natural Hair Conditioner

Mustard oil's alpha-fatty acids lock in moisture, enhancing hair's lustrous quality.

Promotes Hair Growth

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, mustard oil stimulates hair growth by nourishing the roots.

Avoid Daily Use

Applying oil daily can make your scalp excessively oily and susceptible to damage.

No Bald Spot Regrowth

Mustard oil doesn't regrow hair on bald spots; consider castor oil with rosemary oil.

Ideal Mix, Mustard Oil and Aloe Vera

Combine mustard oil and aloe vera gel for optimal hair growth, apply and rinse after an hour.

Reduces Premature Greying

Massaging mustard oil on your scalp can help reduce premature white hair.

Prewash Treatment

Create a prewash treatment with mustard oil, lemon juice, and fenugreek powder for healthier hair.

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