7 Strangest Festivals Around the World That Will Blow Your Mind

La Tomatina (Spain):

Participants engage in a massive tomato fight in Buñol, creating a messy but fun spectacle.

Boryeong Mud Festival (South Korea):

Visitors and locals enjoy mud wrestling, sliding, and even a mud marathon in Boryeong.

Up Helly Aa (Scotland):

Shetland celebrates its Viking heritage with a torch-lit procession and burning of a Viking longship.

Cheese Rolling Festival (England):

In Gloucestershire, participants chase a rolling cheese down a steep hill, risking injury for the prize.

Hadaka Matsuri (Japan):

Men clad only in loincloths jostle to grab sacred sticks thrown by priests at shrines across Japan.

Songkran (Thailand):

Thai New Year celebrated with water fights symbolizing washing away misfortunes and welcoming a fresh start.

The Night of the Radishes (Mexico):

Oaxaca hosts a festival where large radishes are carved into intricate scenes, showcasing agricultural heritage.

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