Seeing the people roaming in the forest, the buffalo attacked, see how the life was saved in the video]


ajab gajab jaipur desk !!!Like humans, wild animals are always vigilant about their safety, if anyone interferes in their safety, they do not tolerate it and then they attack the front. We got to see one such video on social media. In which some people were roaming in the forest when the buffaloes attacked them. What happened after that you can see in this video. This video has been shared with the Twitter account named Life and Nature. This video has got 463 views so far.

Also 20 likes and 9 retweets have also come on this video. It can be seen in this video that some wild animals are grazing in a mixed field of a forest. In which some cows, saris and buffaloes are also included. The view around this ground is looking very beautiful, that is why many people have also come to roam there. During this time some people start going towards animals. Then the wild buffalo sees them and starts moving towards them.

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