30 km long intelligence tunnel built in this well, know in which country it is present]


There are many such mysteries in the whole world about which man has not been able to find out till date. Many of these mysteries exist in our own country, which still keep people by surprise. Today we are going to tell you about one such secret. Let us tell you that in the olden days, the king-maharaja often used to dig wells from place to place in his kingdom. So that there is no shortage of water for the people. In those days, all the wells used to be found everywhere. whose remains are still found today. Today we are going to tell you about one such well, about which it is said that an intelligence tunnel was made in it.

This well is known as 'Rani ki Baori'. Actually, Bawdi means step well. The history of 'Rani ki Baori' is more than 900 years old. Now thousands of tourists reach here every year to see this stepwell. In 2014, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. This stepwell is located in Patan, Gujarat which is also known as Rani ki Vav. It is said that Rani ki Vav i.e. stepwell was built in the memory of King Bhimdev I of Solanki dynasty in 1063 AD by his wife Queen Udayamati. Queen Udaymati was the daughter of Ra Khengar, the Chudasama ruler of Junagadh.

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