Top 7 Government Schemes for Startups in India 2023

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)

AIM fosters innovation across economic sectors by formulating new programs and policies, offering approved companies around $10 crores in financing over five years.

Startup India Seed Fund Scheme

Introduced in January 2021, this scheme aims to support early-stage enterprises, allocating ₹945 Crores to finance 3600 businesses and 300 incubators, with entrepreneurs eligible for funding up to ₹5 Crores.

Startup India Initiative

Recognizing over 50,000 firms by June 2021, it provides tax benefits to entrepreneurs for more than five years and has created around 5.5 lakh jobs.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge

Encouraging Indian startups to develop indigenous products, this initiative incentivizes IT and startup companies to create innovative mobile applications for a substantial financial reward.

Ebiz Portal

A platform fostering collaboration between the government and businesses, serving as a communication hub for Indian business investors and entrepreneurs, modernizing the country's business landscape.

Software Technology Park (STP)

Focused on export expansion, STP facilitates the export of technical services and computer software through physical media or communication infrastructure.

Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF)

Aids dairy cooperatives to maintain their competitive edge, with a total system expenditure of ₹11,184 Crores, benefiting farmers in the long run.

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