Springtime Spectacle: Unveiling the Beauty of the Delhi Tulip Festival 2024

When and Where:

Hosted by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), the Tulip Festival began on Saturday, February 10, and runs until February 21. The event takes place at the Shanti Path lawns in Chanakyapuri, with free entry.

Tulip Walk and Other Events:

The festival features a Tulip Walk, allowing the public and flower enthusiasts to view a Tulip exhibition. Additionally, there's a photography contest for photographers and a music event throughout the festival.

Eight Different Coloured Tulips:

Witness tulips blooming in eight vibrant colors: white, yellow, red, pink, orange, purple, black, and yellow-red.

Types of Tulips:

Seven types of tulips have been planted, with three lakh bulbs sourced from the Netherlands by the NDMC, along with an additional 40,000 bulbs from the Dutch Embassy.

Tulip Plantations:

Out of the sourced bulbs, 80,000 have been placed in the Shanti Path area, with some already blooming. The remaining 40,000 bulbs from the Netherlands Embassy have been planted across various areas in the NDMC region.

Tulip Indo-Dutch Music Event:

Experience a special music event on February 16th, where artists from India and the Netherlands perform together, inspired by artworks selected by artists and curators from both countries.

Photography Competition:

The NDMC has organized a photography competition as part of the festival. Open to the public until February 21, the best entries will be awarded.

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