South Africa To Host BRICS Summit On Israel-Hamas War Today

BRICS Emergency Summit

India's External Affairs Minister to join BRICS leaders in a virtual summit on Israel-Gaza conflict.

Host and Agenda

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa hosts the "Extraordinary Joint Meeting" seeking a common response.

Participants Beyond BRICS

Leaders from Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, UAE, and UN Secretary-General to participate.

New BRICS Members

Nations set to join BRICS in 2024 (Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, UAE) will also attend.

Putin's Involvement

Russian President Putin, urging restraint, will participate in the BRICS meeting.

Gaza Casualties

More than six weeks of conflict; Hamas attack killed 1,200; Gaza reports 13,300 killed in retaliatory offensive.

South Africa's Stance

South Africa, a vocal Palestinian supporter, contemplates suspending diplomatic ties with Israel over Gaza.

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