Exploring the World's Most Unusual Train Journeys

Canva Death Railway, Thailand

Historic route built by POWs during WWII; offers scenic views along its path.

Pamban Bridge, India

Connects mainland India to Pamban Island; a distinctive and scenic Indian train ride.

Bamboo Train, Cambodia

Near Battambang, ride a platform on wheels; a unique Cambodian transportation experience.

Maeklong Market Railway, Thailand

Market set on train tracks; vendors swiftly clear way for passing trains multiple times a day.

Train Street, Vietnam

In Hanoi, experience daily life inches from passing trains; a surreal urban train journey.

Pilatus Railway, Switzerland

Steep cogwheel railway ascending Mount Pilatus; offers stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Klevan's scenic journey through a tunnel of arching trees; a picturesque train route.

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