Beyond Expectations: Exploring the Hidden Gems of Saudi Arabia

Journey through time in AlUla:

Unearth ancient civilizations at Hegra, Saudi's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, admiring Nabataean tombs' intricate carvings.

Hot air balloon ride over Hegra:

Float above Hegra's wonders, enjoying aerial views of tombs and canyons.

Explore the birthplace of Saudi Arabia:

Discover Diriyah's mudbrick ruins, the first Saudi capital, and delve into its fascinating history.

Wander through the historic Jeddah:

Stroll Al-Balad's narrow lanes, admiring coral-stone architecture and vibrant souqs.

Hike through Madain Saleh:

From volcanic craters to lush valleys, explore diverse hiking trails at Madain Saleh.

Go Dune Bashing in the Empty Quarter:

Experience the thrill of dune bashing in Rub' al Khali, witnessing breathtaking sunsets over golden dunes.

Dive into the underwater paradise at Red Sea:

Explore vibrant marine life and coral reefs while diving or snorkeling in the Red Sea.

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