Best LGBTQIA+ Friendly Travel Destinations for 2024

Ensuring Safety and Inclusivity


Welcoming LGBTQIA+ communities thrive in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.


Rich history, stunning coastlines, and a champion for LGBTQIA+ rights, with lively festivals and welcoming spaces.

New Zealand

Embraces diversity amid breathtaking natural beauty, recognized same-sex civil unions since 2004 and legalized same-sex marriage in 2013.


Charming streets of Lisbon to vibrant nightlife of Porto, blend history, culture, and LGBTQIA+ inclusivity.


Longstanding LGBTQIA+ rights champion, offering fun and welcoming atmospheres in Barcelona, Sitges, and Madrid.


Iconic cities, stunning beaches, and a laid-back vibe provide a warm environment for LGBTQIA+ travelers.


Progressive policies, picturesque landscapes, and a growing LGBTQIA+ scene, with marriage extended to same-sex couples in 2020.

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