7 Places For Stargazing In Uttarakhand For Beautiful Night

Auli: Marvel at the Cosmos

Experience celestial wonders amid Auli's pristine skies and minimal light pollution.

Khirsu: Himalayan Starlit Haven

Enjoy tranquility in Khirsu, relishing panoramic Himalayan vistas under the night sky.

Chamoli: Divine Celestial Canvas

Explore the 'Abode of Gods' where remote landscapes reveal mesmerizing night skies.

Lansdowne: Serene Stargazing Delight

Embrace the allure of Lansdowne's artificial light, enhancing celestial spectacles.

Chopta: Celestial Highs Await

Discover Chopta's high-altitude charm, offering clear skies for enchanting stargazing.

Nainital: Lakeside Celestial Magic

Unveil Nainital's celestial wonders, complemented by the Nainital Observatory's unique offerings.

Binsar: Sanctuary of Stars

Explore the starry marvels at Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary's serene, high-altitude town.

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