The lion took away the newborn baby of the buffalo, see in the video what the mother did to save


ajab gajab jaipur desk !!!Every mother in the world loves her child very much. She gets restless when any kind of trouble comes on her. Not only this, sometimes she also clashes with the victim, even if she loses her life in it. We got to see one such video on social media. In which a lion attacked a newborn baby of a buffalo. After that what the mother did to save her child is commendable. This video has also been shared with Twitter account @iftirass.

This video has got 1800 views so far. Along with this, this video has also got 12 likes and 4 retweets. It can be seen in the video that a buffalo is standing in a forest and its child is also sitting near it. The child is still very young, so the buffalo is worried about its safety, that no hunter may come and attack it. That's why the buffalo is roaming around the child to see if there is anyone.

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