The hyenas were trying to hunt the lion, see what happened next in the video


Even though the lion is called the king of the jungle, but sometimes he gets trapped in the clutches of other animals and his condition worsens and he is unable to do anything. We saw one such video on social media. In which a lion accidentally reached among the hyenas. Then what was the fear of the hyenas, the lion started trembling. Seeing this video clip of BBC Earth documentary, you will surely be surprised and understand that there is really a lot of power in unity which can defeat even the most powerful person.

In the video, it can be seen that a lion is trapped in the water, he somehow comes out of the water, but he is unaware that the area in which he is going is full of hyenas. As soon as the lion reaches there, hyenas surround it from all sides and seeing the lion start screaming loudly all around it. Seeing dozens of hyenas at once, the condition of the lion worsens. Although he roars to save his life, but due to the large number of hyenas, he is not afraid much but tries to hunt the lion.

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