Leopard ambushed and attacked a herd of langurs, see what happened next in the video


ajab gajab jaipur desk !!!Leopards are adept at ambushing their prey. Rarely does it happen that a leopard attacks an animal and it cannot hunt it. The leopard, which specializes in fast speed and hunting, completes its hunting work in a few minutes. We got to see one such video on social media. In which a leopard ambushed and attacked a herd of langurs. What happened after that you can see for yourself in this video. This video has been shared from Twitter account @iftirass. Which has got more than seven and a half hundred and fifty views so far.

Along with this, seven likes and four retweets have also come on this video. It can be seen in this video that a leopard is looking for prey in a forest. Then he sees a herd of elephants. The leopard sits in an ambush to attack a herd of elephants so that it can attack a small elephant or a baby elephant and make it its prey, but the leopard only then sees a herd of langurs a little away from the herd of elephants. .

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